Berber Carpet Repair

Berber carpet is a carpet that is universally loved for its style and versatility. Did you know that, Berber carpet comes in a variety of different materials such as Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, and Wool?  Berber carpet is popular because it is stain resistant and doesn’t crush easily.

While these are positive design features of Berber carpet it does have one drawback. Berber carpet is prone to snags due to its looped pile design.

All it takes is a pair of shoes or pet claws to cause Berber carpet to unravel. Once this happens you have a problem.

You don’t have to worry though! One call to Paradise Valley Carpet Repair & Cleaning and your Berber carpet damage is gone! We will put our expertise to work for you! We have two solutions to your problem, depending on the level of damage to your Berber carpet. We can weave in new fibers into your carpet if the problem is contained to a certain area.

For more extensive damage, we cut out the damaged section and replace it with an identical piece of carpet.